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Thoughts from a tour...

So I've been out with Parachute Band for a week and a half (ps if you don't know them... you should!) and have encountered a very wide range of PAs and desks... everything from a large D&B rig to tiny 6" QSC boxes (no lie) and from Digidesign D-Show consoles all the way down to a unique Yamaha EMX5016CF (two actually)...

The tools were definitely helpful on some dates in that they 'were almost not even there' enabling me to operate at my fastest and best... and on other dates, like one with an LS9, they were very much in my face, slowing me down, or distortion was a default 'feature'....

Here is what I brought away...

Regardless of the tools or limitations of the PA is it always possible to think outside the box and achieve something great if you don't give up or give into the situation. Whether its 2 faders, less than 5db headroom before clipping, and 2 hours of fader riding OR 96 faders of glorious digital console love, limitless plugin power, and headroom out the arse on a D&B rig... ever fader under my control will ALWAYS get the same amount of love and attention until it sounds its absolute best... as far as I'm concerned... 'good doesn't cut it!'

- James

Interresting quote...

I just heard an interesting from Andrew Koss, owner of Tainted Blue studios in NYC... he made a note about the state of the music industry and the way artists are needing to present their music in a way that gets noticed by labels. He says:

"...to make their music what it needs to be in order to find success in this industry right now... demos aren't cutting it anymore, you need to have a great sounding radio ready record."

Food for thought. And what better way than to have it professionally mixed?

- James

March 2011 came and went...

So March seemed to speed past like a blur! I had a couple wicked jobs over the course of March and some other releases happening I had previously worked on.

First> Jesiah, a long time friend and front man of "Intertransit" approached me to mix a radio release of a song called "The Air" for a radio contest and although they came in second there was heaps of great response to the song. Props to my good friend Phil Blackbourn for mastering it over night for us.

Next> The 2nd Foursqure Puyallup "United Generation" live album "All Things" (I tracked and edited, mixed by Jim Monk and Andrew Crawford at 11th Hour Studios in Sydney AU) release at their annual UG Conference and on iTunes. It charted up to #13 at last check on the Contemporary Christian/Gospel charts on iTunes. Not too bad if I do say so myself! Well done boys and girls!

Third> I had the privileged of being asked to mix two new tracks for The Calling of Levi, a pop rock band from Peth AU. The songs were fresh and the guys were a pleasure to work with. I was very happy with the results and had the honour to hand deliver them to Sterling Sound to be mastered by legendary mastering engineer George Marino (Arcade Fire, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, The Strokes, Michael Buble, and on and on). I look forward to hopefully getting to mix more for them in the future. In the future I will put up some copies for listen only with links to purchase on iTunes when they are officially released.

Forth> I am scheduled to mix a new, full, studio version of a track off the United Generation "All Things" album for a separate compilation this week! I am really pumped!!

Lastly> I will be posting some new promotions for April so watch this space... and twitter!

- James