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Mix engineer (studio & live) specializing in radio singles and taking DIY projects to the next level, commercial releases.

NEW: Online Post Audio Service!

We are pleased to announce we are now offering an Online Post Audio service. Our engineer has years of experience mixing audio for video on the highest scale. Our mix environment is tailored for pristine audio work. We have the tools to solve many common issues with audio for video. If you represent a church, we would love to work with you on a weekly basis handling your post audio needs. 

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NEW Live Album Package!!!

Greetings everyone!!

We have just come off a massive season. Our engineer had the privilege of working on releases for Jabin Chavez, South Eastern University, Foursquare United Generation, Isaiah 6tyOne, and Awakening Media all in a 5 month span. 

But we have even bigger news!! 

We have been working with many types of organizations over the past few years and frequently have had to manipulate budgets to achieve their desired visions. We had put some thought into this and we have an answer for tight budgets. We have leveraged our professional relationships and bundled our rates in such a way that allows us to offer a "Live Album Package", per song rate, which should appeal to budgets in our current economic climate.

Previously your typical 10 song live album could run anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000, or more, for engineering, editing, mixing and mastering.... never mind a producer's fee. Our new package rate would come in far under that and includes all the engineering (live recording and overdubs), all the editing, all the tuning, professional mixing and mastering as well as the experienced producing of our main engineer who has credits from around the world with clients you probably already have on your iPod (including those distributed by major labels such as EMI and Integrity). You will have access to over 15 years of experience to help guide you from the very conception of your project right through to distribution.

We have scheduling dates available now!! With a new rate that meets more budgets, chances are that our schedule will fill up fast! Book NOW to get an estimate and lock in your project!

PS There are similar rates for "Studio" albums as we'll. Contact us to find out more!!

Big Season

Well, its been a massive 6 months for A Brave Mix and James (me).

Closed out the mix for Numa's "Greatest Of All Album" (Brisbane AU) and flew off to Seattle, WA to co-produce, engineer, and mix Foursquare United Generation's 2012 studio album "On The Rise". After I returned from recording Foursquare UG I started mix on Perth rockers The Calling Of Levi's latest release "Movement", then turned right back to Foursquare UG's record and finished up that mix. All the while I have been participating in a 12in12 (one song every month for 2012) project for Nathan Ironside's The Stirring. And most recently I was off to Hoboken NJ's Water Music Studios Big Room to mix Adventure Land's next single. And somewhere in there I hit up Miami to engineer an EP for Rendezvous Miami with Nathan Finochio producing.

Studio Upgrades:

Through this season we've been able to purchase some much needed upgrades. Among them, a new MacPro, SPL Mixdream XP, additional IO, Apogee Rosetta 200, SPL Transient Designer, and a plethora of plugins.

- James