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Mix engineer (studio & live) specializing in radio singles and taking DIY projects to the next level, commercial releases.

The Calling Of Levi

From the artist: "The Calling of Levi recently had two tracks mixed with James Hurley of A Brave Mix.  After hearing the final products of some of James’ other work, we were confident that he would be able to work with us and to bring our songs to life with a solid and professional mix. James definitely did not disappoint.

Our tracks were recorded at a studio in Perth, Western Australia and having James mix them meant sending them to the USA. As artists we had a specific vision for each track and in sections of the songs were chasing a particular sound. James’ understanding of sound and his ability to capture our vision was imperative and we were very impressed with the outcome of the final mix.

His communication between artist and engineer is brilliant. He has the ability to mix and to provide a quality and professional sound; that of which we're very happy with."

Callum Burne
The Calling of Levi

Career Highlights:

- Switchfoot support in Singapore 2011 - Supporting Relient K - Sharing the stage with artists such as Superchick, KJ-52 and Rapture Ruckus. - Parachute Music Festival 2011 - Easterfest 2011