A Brave Mix LLC

Sound better

Mix engineer (studio & live) specializing in radio singles and taking DIY projects to the next level, commercial releases.

Possibly Fading

"[A Brave Mix] is every striving band's dream...[they] never fell short of getting us the best sound [they] could possibly get. [They] brought fresh ears, new ideas, experience and talent to the table... we all look forward to working with [A Brave Mix] again."

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Some more kind words...

Just posting some kind words from a recent client after he received his band's mixes for an upcoming EP.

"You took us from 'cool' to 'my love for music is restored'. And everything about the experience. Your advice, your suggestions, the ease of communication... You've blown any sound production experience I've ever had out of the water." -Aaron Mader, "The Logician", Toronto CA.

Nathan Ironside

"I'm impressed with [A Brave Mix] ability to get the job done efficiently and to deliver exactly the sounds I'm looking for. [Their] ear for sonic quality (great mixes, warm guitar tones, phat drum sounds, vibrant vocals), arrangement edits and programming ideas is excellent! Work with 'Abravemix' if you dare exceed your expectations."

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Adventure Land

"Quick turn around times, exceptional quality and creative in the way [they] mixed... Brilliant ears, exceptional technical skill and knowledge to back it up. Looking forward to sending [them] our next record and letting [them] work... magic!"

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The Calling Of Levi

"[A Brave Mix] definitely did not disappoint... As artists we had a specific vision for each track and in sections of the songs were chasing a particular sound. [A Brave Mix] understanding of sound and ability to capture our vision was imperative and we were very impressed with the outcome of the final mix."

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