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Post Audio

We are pleased to announce we are now offering an "E" or "Online" Post Audio service. 


"Post Audio" refers to editing, cleaning up and mixing audio for video. Preparing your video to be played back over a PA in a venue (of any size) and/or for online streaming ensuring your audio is intelligible and retains all the impact you intended. 


Video is a wonderful thing and the people who shoot and edit them are very talented. However, more often then not they are under tight deadlines and work in spaces designed to edit video, not mix sound. Additionally, their skill sets are focused on making great video, not great audio. The problem lies in not realizing the detriment that poor audio is to a great video. Our engineers have years of experience mixing audio for video on the highest scale. Our mix environment is tailored for pristine audio work only. We have the tools to solve many of these common issues with video audio:

  • too much room noise
  • dialog level all over the place
  • removing most unwanted noises like sirens and AC
  • smooth shrill dialog or tame boomy dialog
  • balance of music and/or sound effects to dialog not translating to large venues
  • and much more


You drop your OMF into a sync folder (like Dropbox), it automatically arrives on our system, we do the work in a timely manner and drop the finished mixes or stems into the sync folder and you automatically get beautiful audio for your video.  

Contact Us for a quote. If you represent a church, we would love to work with you on a weekly basis handling your post audio needs.