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Mix engineer (studio & live) specializing in radio singles and taking DIY projects to the next level, commercial releases.

About: A.B.M.

A Brave Mix, LLC is a full-service, professional audio engineering company established by studio and front-of-house mix engineer James Hurley.

Focused on high-quality audio with no compromises, regardless of the format or original material, A Brave Mix LLC has established itself as a trusted source providing professional results to everyone from local indie bands to major label artists to large organizations. We make it our mission to go the extra mile. We know what is possible and how to achieve it and truly believe that "good" just doesn't cut it.

What We Do:

  • Music Mixing (studio): Specializing in radio singles, commercial releases of all kinds and taking DIY projects to the next level.
  • Live Album Production: Full-service, all-inclusive packages available including pre and post producing/arranging, (on the night) recording, overdub recording, editing, vocal tuning, mixing and mastering at some of the lowest rates in the industry.
  • Event Mixing (live), Front-of-House (FOH) and consultation services available for your next gig, tour, event, conference... you name it.
  • Post Audio: Preparing, cleaning, fixing and mixing audio for videos.
  • PA (Sound System) Design, Consultation and Tuning for venues and churches of all sizes.
  • Training: Audio, Production, Leadership, Team and everywhere they intertwine.

Just some of the people we've worked with:

  • Hillsong Music Australia including Hillsong Live, Hillsong United and Hillsong NYC
  • Jabin Chavez
  • DawnChere and Rich Wilkerson Jr. with Rendezvous Miami and Trinity Church
  • Foursquare Puyallup and Foursquare United Generation
  • Nathan Ironside and The Stirring
  • Nathan Finochio (Producer) 
  • Planet of the Stereos
  • Parachute Band
  • The Royal Royal
  • Paulini
  • Mia Fields
  • Lukas
  • The Art Of Sleeping
  • Adventure Land
  • The Calling Of Levi
  • and many, many more... 

Availability and Location:
Booking is first come first serve. Contact us now to book a date. As far as location, that is simply up to you. Our mixing and post audio services can be done via the internet.

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