A Brave Mix LLC

Sound better

Mix engineer (studio & live) specializing in radio singles and taking DIY projects to the next level, commercial releases.

What people are saying...

"[A Brave Mix] knew exactly the sound we were going for. We loved the creative edge [they] brought to the project... We couldn't be happier!"

"I'm impressed with [A Brave Mix] ability to get the job done efficiently and to deliver exactly the sounds I'm looking for. [Their] ear for sonic quality (great mixes, warm guitar tones, phat drum sounds, vibrant vocals), arrangement edits and programming ideas is excellent! Work with 'Abravemix' if you dare exceed your expectations."

"[A Brave Mix] definitely did not disappoint... As artists we had a specific vision for each track and in sections of the songs were chasing a particular sound. [A Brave Mix] understanding of sound and ability to capture our vision was imperative and we were very impressed with the outcome of the final mix."